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Shovelin’ Out 

me smiling in the snow wearing my black jacket and white snow hat

T H I S  W E E K the East Coast was hit with a nor’easter that gave us a somewhat fun snow day.

I definitely enjoyed staying in all day (even if it already was my day off) and lounging around. I had bunkered down at my grandmother’s house to help my mom watch after her. My grandmother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease  & she’s at a stage that requires someone to be around her 24/7. This means while my works from home, I spend time taking care of her. It was definitely an up and down day with her. Still we enjoyed seeing the pretty snow…that was until it turned to sleet. Then it wasn’t really all that pretty anymore.

me smiling in the snow wearing my black jacket and white snow hat

I ended up helping my uncle shovel the driveway and porch during one of the breaks in the weather. It was nice spending time with him and showcasing my “girl power” strength of shoveling. Haha really what I realized was that I needed some more strength! The snow was actually pretty heavy this storm & took a bit of energy to push around and shovel. Definitely time for me to hit the gym again 😉

me smiling in the snow wearing my black puffy jacket and white snow hat

This storm came after a few weeks of wonderfully nice weather. The nor’easter definitely reminded me how spontaneous life can be. Not everything will go your way and sometimes you just have to embrace the unforeseen changes–even if they’re ickier than you’d like. Really it’s all about making those unforeseen changes work for you 🙂

snow selfie

Have a lovely rest of the week loves! May the weather be in your favor & if not, make it! 😉


Nicole Lynn 


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