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Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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L O V E L I E S it’s officially winter! Well, it’s been winter for a bit, but it officially feels like winter here in PA. We’ve seen some snow and freezing temps this past week and I’m already bundling up on the daily to stave off freezing my bum off.

In light of the recent weather, I thought I’d compile a list of some of my winter wardrobe essentials. All these items are a must for me to have to survive the cold temps of winter!

me standing facing the lake with my arm raised and head turned slightly towards my raised arm.

A Great Pair of Jeans

Lord know that I love my jeans! On the regular I’m either in athleisure or my jeans. Yes I love dressing up or wearing skirt and dresses, but jeans, leggings and sweatpants are what I’m wearing on the daily post-work time.

I think it’s so important to find jeans that you love and that you feel boss in! I’ve shopped around A TON since I’m definitely on the curvier side, but also on the petite side height wise. So it’s been a bit of a struggle trying to find a pair of jeans that not only fits my curves, but also my height.

These three places are my go-to when shopping for jeans: Target’s Universal Thread line, Loft & American Eagle. Usually whenever I shop at one of these three places I can find a pair of jeans that not only fit me, but that I love! My biggest, biggest, biggest advice is to ALWAYS try jeans (or all clothing for that matter) on before buying them. I vary so much in sizes by brand and sometimes their “short” size or their “curvy” style do not fit me at all. It’s so important in my opinion to try everything on. This has changed my shopping habits so much! (And I’ve always been so lazy about returning things that now I don’t have to do that as much!).

Sweater Weather

Comfy Sweaters

This is one of my favorite times of the year fashion wise because I can pull out all the comfy sweaters! In my wardrobe for winter, I need to have a few fitted sweaters and one or two oversized ones. I was BIG into oversized sweaters last year and then realized that a lot of them weren’t doing anything for me. So this year I focused on picking up a few fitted sweaters that showed of my curves while also not being too form fitting. It was all about the style, but also comfort this winter season. Plus, a nice fitted sweater is great for layering over plaid or other blouses.

I’ve found a lot of my sweaters at TJ Max and Marshal’s. Some of the more athleisure sweaters I’ve purchased from Aerie. But a majority of my sweaters and clothing come from the discount stores I mentioned above.


I’m a librarian by trade so of course cardigans are a stable of my wardrobe. For winter, I have to have some warm ones—including some sweater-like & oversized versions that I can really bundle up in while still looking stylish!

Leggings, please!

As I mentioned above, leggings are a huge staple in my wardrobe. I wear them a lot because they’re comfortable and I can move in them. As a children’s librarian, I’m all over the place in terms of movement. I’m dancing & stretching with the kids in storytime and then bending, squatting, etc. while picking up toys in the children’s area. So being able to be flexible is so important! Plus these are great to wear with boots and for lounging around the house or you know actually going to the gym in them.

My all time favorite leggings are from Aerie. I love their Chill leggings because they come in basic colors and also a short length that hits me just right as a 5′ woman. I also love how they are more fitted at the top so that I’m not constantly pulling them up throughout the day. They stay put, are comfy and flexible!

Something Plaid

I think most people can agree that when Fall and Winter come around, it’s important to have some plaid in your wardrobe. I know I do! I need to have some kind of plaid for winter season since that’s when I think of this pattern the most. This year I have a few pieces in various color schemes with this pattern. I have the green puffer vest shown below as well as the plaid joggers from Aerie. I also have a buffalo plaid slim blazer and cardigan which I picked up at Target and Marshal’s respectively. I also have a few plaid button ups and a plaid scarf that I’ve had for a few years, so I’ve linked up some similars below 🙂

Boots, Boots, Boots

Winter & Fall mean it’s time to drag out the boots! I’m actually super excited to do this every year! I love my boots. I have a few knee high boots, a pair of OTK boots and some small heeled booties for both seasons. These shoes are an absolute MUST for me since they not only keep my feet/legs warm, but they also complete most of my outfits style wise.

I think this where you can invest some of your money for a winter wardrobe. My black knee-high boots are my most expensive shoe purchase to date. They’re wide calf, a faux suede and fit perfectly for me. They’ve been my best investment yet at $130. So definitely think about shelling out a little bit more on boots/shoes when picking out which pieces you want to purchase this winter season.

Below I’ve linked up some boots from the retailers I normally shop at: DSW, Payless & Target. I sometimes also snag shoes at Marshall’s, Kohls or from an online boutique. The first four boots/booties are the actual ones I own. The others are similar in style to boots/booties I have in my closet.

Thermal Comfort

Recently, I’ve purchased a few thermal like long-sleeve shirts that I love to have as a layering piece or just to wear on it’s own. I’ve scored some from Aerie, but also picked up a few pricier ones from Nordstrom on another blogger’s recommendation. I’ve loved all of the ones I’ve grabbed up so far & feel they’re a perfect must have for the winter season! Not only are they cute, but they’re comfy & warm! I’m all about those two things during winter!

Statement Coat

Winter is all about the outwear! One of my essentials for a winter wardrobe is a statement coat. I grabbed the perfect one for me this winter season at Target. I love the bright red that compliments my brunette hair. Plus it hits me at a good place length wise since that’s sometimes another struggle I encounter since I’m so short. It’s a little big which allows me to wear bulkier items underneath it, while also remaining stylish. I don’t think it overpowers me, but instead compliments me. I’ve listed some other coats that I think are super cute for a statement coat, but like I said before, TRY EVERYTHING ON. Trust me, you’ll thank me after you do! 😉


Last but not least, a winter wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without some winter accessories! Since I’m usually bundled up this time of year, my wardrobe must have some warm hats, gloves and scarves that are stylish, but warm! I’ve already shared some plaid scarves up above, but I’ll share some other styles here as well. Plus, I’m absolutely in love with my white pom-pom hat from Kohls that is super, super soft and warm! These are a must for me since I live in a climate where I get all 4 seasons. If you’re in a warmer climate, you might want to pick up a few lighter weight fashion scarves instead.

In terms of other accessories: I’d say having a more durable purse/backpack is definitely a must for me! Since I don’t change out a lot of my jewelry style during the seasons, I don’t want to offer up any must haves for this category outside of my typical delicate necklaces and rings that I usually wear throughout the year.

I hope these winter wardrobe essentials inspired you! Let me know what are your wardrobe essentials for the winter in the comments below!

xx Nicole Lynn

DISCLOSURE: Just Add More is part of an affiliate marketing program through ShopStyle Collective. If you click and/or make purchases through specific links found on this blog, I may make a commission from that click and/or purchase. All opinions are my own.

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    January 16, 2019 at 8:17 PM

    Jeans! Jeans! Jeans! Levi girl by trade, but found some great pairs at Van Huesen. Plaid also a must, black & red especially! Love your recommendations, Nicole! ❤☺

    • Reply
      January 16, 2019 at 10:15 PM

      Thanks so much Stephanie! I also have one or two Levi’s that fit nicely. I definitely think they’re a great brand!

  • Reply
    January 17, 2019 at 1:37 PM

    I love all your picks Nicole! I definitely am tempted to try out the aerie leggings with your recommendation !

    • Reply
      February 5, 2019 at 6:20 PM

      Thanks Courtney! You so should! They’re my absolute favorite! 🙂

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