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Why I’m Loving the Y

W O R K I N G  O U T   has never been my favorite thing in the world to do. I’ve always struggled with keeping a routine and dedicating myself to work out on the regular. I would start out strong at the beginning of the month and by week 2 or 3 I’d be off my routine and skipping workouts already. I’ve joined Planet Fitness and L. A. Fitness, tried online workout plans and internet videos, and tried at-home work out videos, but whatever I tried I’ve always seemed to stop early on. But I knew deep down that working out was an important part of life so that I could become (and remain) healthy.

So earlier this year after talking with my friends, I decided to give this whole ‘I should be healthy’ thing another go. I joined my local YMCA.

The Y has been one of my more expensive ventures into the workout world, but it has been my most rewarding. I absolutely fell in love with going to the Y after the first week! While I still have my bad weeks, I’ve been going more consistently than I have since college. I go to different classes during the week and spend one or two days a week using the gym equipment. But really what keeps me coming back is the sense of community that the Y provides.

Community? Yes, community! The Y isn’t just a gym, it’s a place for kids to come take classes in dance or gymnastics or to sign up for a sport. It’s a place for older adults to come and take group exercises classes geared toward them. It’s a place for families to come together & for the community to come together. I absolutely love walking into the gym after work and seeing parents picking up kids from their afternoon classes and families hanging out in the cafe area and all the bustling and noise within the building. I feel apart of something when I enter that building and THAT’s what keeps me coming back–that I feel apart of my community at a place my community gathers in. It’s the same sense and feeling I get working at my public library. Having that feeling everytime I walk through the doors and head to a class or the gym makes me feel fuller and happy. So I keep going back.

When it comes to working out and getting fit and staying to a workout routine, I agree with what a lot of the fitness instructors and experts say: find workouts and a routine that works for you and that you love to do and stick to it! Going to the Y is what works for me and what I enjoy doing week after week. So I hope you find that same workout routine & if you haven’t yet, maybe go check out your local Y 😉


Remember you deserve love always,


Nicole Lynn

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