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When Change Comes Unexpectedly at Work

C H A N G E  can be scary sometimes, especially when that change comes out of nowhere.

Yesterday while at work, I was handed a BIG change that wasn’t on my radar. It wasn’t anything as drastic as losing my job (although walking into that meeting room that’s exactly what I was thinking), but the change was significant to me.

If you don’t know, I work as a public librarian at my local library. I’m the Youth Services Librarian and I just received a full-time position in September of 2017. I was ecstatic to be able to work full-time at a library I loved in a position I loved. I couldn’t wait to see what 2018 brought and finally be able to put my master’s degree into good use. I had a garnered a small following at my storytimes and had already begun to know all the regulars. I had also just started to fall into a groove with all my newer responsibilities. I was feeling pretty great and excited for 2018.

Then I got asked if I could talk with my co-worker at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. I said sure thinking she just wanted to go over some program planning for the next month. My manager said she was in the small meeting room and I still didn’t think anything of it until I walked in and saw our HR administrator. Man did my heart begin to beat erratically. I really thought I was getting fired or laid off or something.

Luckily, I still have my job. I am so thankful that I do.

What I did find out was that I was being transferred to another branch–in just three weeks. I’ve been told it will be one of two branches, but don’t know definitely which one yet.

Of course my immediate reaction was to blame myself for this decision. I’ve must of messed up. Maybe I did something wrong? I probably wasn’t doing enough programming or getting things done fast enough. 

The self-doubt was real and it was loud and it was all I heard for a while. 

Then after taking some time to regroup and work on some things after the meeting, I realized that maybe this change would be good.

It means that I’ll be able to serve a different community, take on a bit more leadership and try to incorporate more of my own ideas into programming. Already I began researching the other two branches’ event calendars and seeing what might need to be added or changed or what I might have to take over.

Change is super scary, but change can also lead to opportunities you didn’t know you wanted or maybe opportunities you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Of course I’m already dreading the new commute times (almost tripled compared to my commute now), but I’m also excited to see where this change might lead me. Maybe it will allow me to grow within my industry even more or maybe it will lead to a different career opportunity outside of this library system. You just never know. I mean my horoscope did hint at great opportunities coming my way career wise, so maybe this move was just that.

I know change can be hard, scary and overwhelming, but sometimes you just have to roll with it and tell yourself you’re going to rock it anyway. And that’s just what I’m going to do 🙂


Sending Love Always,

xx Nicole Lynn 

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