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Top Podcasts on my iPhone Right Now

WHO ELSE HAS A LONG  COMMUTE? ALWAYS  listening to something while at the gym? Taking a walk or out for a drive? Doing laundry or the dishes? 

These are all my favorite times to pull out my iPhone and hit ‘play’ on one of my favorite podcasts.

Podcasts are definitely a trend right now. They’ve become increasingly more popular each year. They’re easily accessible if you have a smart phone or a computer with internet connection. There are TONS of different podcasts that cover an array of topics & are formatted in various ways to meet your particular listening preferences.

Since I’m a constant-learner and a bit of  an over-consumer of media, there’s no way I wouldn’t be up in the podcast game. They’re my new go-to while I’m out walking, doing chores by myself or driving my 40 minute commute.

Seeing that I listen to them so much, I thought I’d share with you all which podcasts are my must-listen to’s each week or one’s I enjoyed binging!

 For Business & Creativity

While all the podcasts below seem similar, they are all individually great and unique in their own way. I get so much from each of the podcasts below. They’re my go-to for my career and life goals. They each provide valuable information and tools for me to grow, create & achieve. So while they may seem similar, trust me when I say, you need all three in your life right now 🙂

  • Influencer Podcast (with Julie Solomon) – Are you a creative? An entrepreneur? A content creator? An influencer? This podcast is a MUST LISTEN! I absolutely loveinfluencerJulie’s podcast! She delivers actionable content through her personal insights and stories, but also through her informative guests from the inside and outside the industry. I came into the podcast around episode 40ish. I, of course, started at episode 1 however and listened to ALL of her podcasts. I’m almost caught up to the current ones. That’s how good this podcast is! I’ve dedicated a lot of time listening to her hole backlist of episodes. This podcast is a MUST! It’s content is valuable and so helpful for anyone in the categories I listed above. Please give it a try! You won’t be disappointed!  [iTunes, Spotify, Player.Fm, Stitcher]
  • Rise Podcast (with Rachel Hollis) – I’ve been following Rachel for a few years now. She was an author at a local book event in Philadelphia in 2013 that I attended. I bought her book, Party Girl–the first novel in her The Girls series. She had a cute little invitation that had her information like social and website etc. I was superrisepodcast impressed with her even though I hadn’t read her book yet or really knew who she was. I instantly began following her on Instagram that day. Now she is a New York Times Best Seller, selling out conferences and creating a successful podcast. Much like the Influencer Podcast above, Rachel offers interviews with creatives, business owners, entrepreneurs and more. She dives in with awesome interviews and episodes surrounding her books and life experiences. She shares advice and tools to grow in your life, career and relationships. Definitely another great podcast, even if you’re not in business or are an influencer.  [iTunes, Spotify, Player.Fm, Stitcher]
  • Goal Digger (with Jenna Kutcher) – Jenna hosts her podcast Goal Digger each week. I love Jenna because she’s relatable and down to earth. She, like Rachel & Julie above,goaldigger also offers great interviews and content to help people chase their dreams. Her episodes tackle the tools needed to reach your goals (or even how to set your goals). I always leave feeling inspired after one of her episodes. [iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Stitcher]

For Exploration & Information

  • The Dream – The Dream represents a newer-to-me type of podcast– podcast documentaries (or what I like to say: podcumentaries lol). These podcasts are one “season” long or limited episodes that delve deep into a particular topic. With The Dream, Jane Marie (the host) delves into multi-level marketing or MLMs. She thedreamexplores how MLMs began, what they are and how they work in today’s society. It definitely comes from an investigative journalism standpoint. I was riveted! It may be because I agreed with the host’s perspective–I continually see a bunch of people from High School selling stuff on Facebook & reaching out to me even though we haven’t talked in YEARS. I was curious about what these were and Marie (& This American Life) do a great job delving into the mysteries behind these companies. While definitely showcasing the darker side to these companies, I found this podcumentary (I’m totally going to make this a thing lol) super informative and entertaining. It was definitely worth a listen for me, but can see why it might turn some others off.  [iTunes, Spotify, Player.FmStitcher]
  • Pod Save America – I guess I’m finally admitting to myself that I’m a bit of a News Junkie. I don’t know if it’s because deep down I’ve always wanted to be a journalistsaveamerica or what, but I consume news a lot. I even wrote my senior communications paper on how news outlets utilized Twitter to disseminate information back when social media still wasn’t really utilized by companies in a smart or serious way. Pod Save America takes a look at the news of the week and discusses it from a Democratic point of view. What I enjoy about this podcast is the chemistry between the hosts, the intelligence of their discussions and the information/topics being talked about. In my opinion, podcasts are on the rise as the medium in which people consume the news. I’m interested to see how news consumption evolves with this medium and the continual popularity of this platform. If you’re interested in a informative & entertaining podcast about the current news, I’d definitely recommend this podcast. Not only do they cover current news topics, they usually also have an interview with someone at the end of the episode which adds a great dynamic to the show. I’ve definitely bit the Crooked Media bug and listen to a lot of their podcasts on the daily.  [iTunes, Spotify, Player.Fm, Stitcher]
  • Pod Save the World – Pod Save the World is another Crooked Media podcast. Hosted by Tommy Vietor, Pod Save the World focuses on Foreign Policy. Because I’m podstworlddefinitely a nerd, I love this podcast. Traditional news media tends to focus strongly on domestic news, so this podcast is a bit of fresh air in terms of news content. I really do enjoy learning about international news and staying up-to-date with foreign affairs. I’m learning so much since listening to this show and I haven’t missed an episode since I found this show. Tommy does a great job covering topics and booking interesting people for his end of episode interviews. His more regular “co-host” Ben Rhodes also adds a lot to the show. Overall, definitely a must-listen for me and I’d really recommend it for anyone interested in foreign affairs and international news.   [iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher]
  • Broad Street Hockey – I’m a bigger sports fan then I show on social. Usually I enjoy a good foodball, soccer or hockey game. Those are my sports & I try to catch a game broadshockeywhenever I can. Since I’m a Philadelphia area native, Philly sports have been engrained in me since a young child and I’ve been a lifelong fan. The Philadelphia Flyers are my favorite sports team followed by the Eagles and then the Union. Broad Street Hockey keeps me up-to-date with my boys when I can’t watch a game or for upcoming information on a game. The crew running this podcast are not only informative & know their stuff, but they’re also entertaining and easy to listen to. If you a Flyers fan then definitely check this podcast out!  [iTunes, SpotifyStitcher]

For Enterainment

  • Serial – I’m not sure if I really even need to intro this one. Serial was one of the first famous podcasts that I think really impacted the popularity of podcasts overall. I serialnever listened to podcasts, but I knew about Serial. What I wasn’t quite sure of right away was if this podcast was crime fiction or true crime. When I did start listening to it, I quickly learned that it was the latter. These people, this story–it was all real! And I couldn’t stop listening!  It was so entertaining and I just had to know what happened. What was the end? What would the verdict be? I was definitely addicted. Not only was it entertaining, it was informative and unique. I’ve always been a sucker for true crime and this podcast had me sucked in from episode one. So if you haven’t listened to Serial yet, definitely give season one a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! [iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Stitcher]
  • Pretty Basic – Pretty Basic is my guilty pleasure of podcasts. It’s hosted by Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz, two successful influencers, and includes episodes where the prettybasictwo women discuss life as influencers, dating and other ‘sleepover’-esque topics. They describe their show as if you were listening or talking with your besties. I’d definitely agree. While both women are a few years younger than me, I enjoy listening to their advice and life experiences. They’re definitely entertaining, but they’re also relatable. Sometimes you just need to break up the constant serious content with a bit more light-hearted topics. Pretty Basic does that for me and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone else looking for some light-hearted, fun content from two career-savvy, young women. [iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Stitcher]
  • Lore – I’ve been listening to Lore since episode 6. So almost from the beginning. This was the first podcast I discovered when I learned that podcasts were ‘a thing.’ I’ve lorebeen listening ever since. Lore has now grown into an HBO show, a published book & live shows. So it’s done pretty well for itself since it started. Each week the show explores weird, unique and sometimes scary or gruesome topics. Primarily it focuses on common folklore. The host, Aaron Mahnke delves into these legends and informs his audience about the historical context that inspired these legends. I love the scary, the weird, but mainly the history behind these subjects. An origin story is always fascinating to me and Aaron delivers these topics in an entertaining, can’t stop listening way that has truly proven why this podcast has succeeded the way it has. If you’re looking for information and entertainment and a little bit of a scarry campfire story, than this podcast is for you! [iTunes, Spotify, Player.Fm, Stitcher]


Let me know what must-listen podcasts you have queued up on your phone! I’d love to dive deep into another great podcast! 

xx Nicole Lynn

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