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Spring & Summer Recent Purchases

I F  Y O U  F O L L O W   me on Instagram then you might have seen my latest stories which had come of my recent Spring/Summer purchases.

I had such a shopping bug this past month & ended up splurging on a lot of new pieces. I haven’t loved shopping as much as now that I’m more grace-giving with myself and loving my body more than I have in the past. I still have a long way to go self-love wise & health/fitness wise. BUT I’m happy. I’m feeling confident & I’m loving shopping again.

So first up: here are my recent purchases from Forever 21. I wasn’t able to find all my pieces I mentioned in my stories (which I saved under my ‘Fashion’ highlight on my profile), but I selected some similar options you can still get at the shop!


Next up, we have my recent purchases from JC Penny! I haven’t shopped JC Penny in YEARS! But, they were having a really good sale and a lot of the items were in Petite sizes (which are already low to come by, though definitely getting better these days!). I purchased most of the items below in Pink, ha. So don’t hold that against me ;). Also my favorites from this group are the Worthington black dress (which is unfortunately sold out), the St Johns Bay Cozy Top, the Xersion Quarter Zip Pullover and the super comfy Xersion Studio Knit Joggers! Almost everything I bought was in petite so I was super excited to have active wear that fits my height!

I also bought a super cute dress from Nordstrom Rack which is also unfortunately sold out, so I linked some similar options for you!

Lastly, I treated myself to some new shoes from Charlotte Russe! I wear a size 6 most of the time and these all fit beautifully! I’m so excited to wear them once this snow disappears and Spring actually begins 🙂 Also the last shoe, the pink sneakers are also more of a light pink than the brighter one shown below. You can see them here for the true color 🙂

Thanks for stopping by to check out what I purchased for Spring/Summer. I still may pick up an item or two here and there, but I’m pretty set for the season!

Let me know what items are on your wishlist or what you’ve recently picked up!


Remember, you’re always worthy of love!

xx, Nicole Lynn.

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