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5 First Steps Towards a Healthier Me

T H I S  W E E K was a slow progression from last Friday’s post. Last week I rededicated myself to getting healthier & building a better relationship with food.

This week I haven’t drastically changed over night. I didn’t work out (even though I wanted to) and I haven’t really reached for healthier options either.

Still, I’m not going to let myself feel guilty like I have previously.

Instead, I’m going to focus on some of the better choices that I did make over the week.

me sitting down smiling while clutching my brown curly hair

1. I Didn’t Snack After Hours

I surprised myself by not reaching for food after the 7-8:00 PM time frame. This has always been a habit of mine. I’d get that “midnight” craving and go roving for food. Lately though, I haven’t reached for food at night. Instead, I’ve either fallen asleep pretty early or just reached for water.

2. I Ate Breakfast Every Day

me drinking from my starbucks to-go cup

Why yes, this is an accomplishment for me! I used to be one of those people who’d skip breakfast every morning because they ‘didn’t have the time’ or ‘weren’t that hungry.’ But let’s be real, breakfast is really important and some people say it should be your biggest meal of the day. So while not every breakfast meal was healthy, I’m happy that I’m getting into the routine for breakfast each morning. Though I do want to say I was proud of myself for ordering the turkey bacon, egg white & cheddar sandwich at Starbucks yesterday instead of the double smoked bacon sandwich I was eyeing up 😉

3. I Started Using My Fitness Pal Again

I remember when I first downloaded My Fitness Pal. I had found it in the app store back in 2013 after I graduated from undergrad and thought I’d finally have the time to “lose the weight” now that school was over. I did use it frequently, but my relationship with the app has always been touch and go. However, after reading some people’s success stories from using the app, I’m rededicating myself to using it more on the daily and seeing how it helps with my journey to healthy!

me holding my iphone with the my fitness pal app open

4. I Purged My Room

While this isn’t a diet or fitness-related positive, it was definitely a mental health positive for me this week. I’m in the process of purging a lot of my stuff that I’ve accumulated over the 26 years of my life. I have a ton of stuff and most of it has ended up back in my bedroom. Two things are wrong with this scenario: 1) I have a lot of stuff! 2) I’ve outgrown having just this one bedroom for my stuff. So while I had worked on my room a few weeks back, it’s still a major work in progress. Thus, I was really happy to have some time to clean & purge some of my room this week. I also bought a new comforter and new sheets and already I feel so much better! Definitely a mental health booster!

5. I Didn’t Attack Myself

me smiling and laughing while clutching my hair on the top of my head

As I mentioned above, I didn’t have the “healthiest” week this time around. I didn’t meal plan, exercise or really change my eating habits. However, even with the lack of change, this past week I was happy that I didn’t feel guilty after eating bad things. I didn’t have ‘hating myself’ episodes while looking in the mirror. I didn’t attack myself for my choices. This, to me, is a huge step towards a healthier relationship with myself and food. I’m looking forward to when I’ll be able to be guilt-free with food and self-loved focused with myself more on the regular. Until then, I’ll take weeks like this no question!



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