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Small Business Saturday: Virtual Local Love

As I’ve started every post recently: #QuarantineLife means a lot of our everyday lives look different. Now we’re all working from home, educating our kids, cooking at home and trying to stay sane. I’m fortunate that my job allows me to work from home, but not everyone is as lucky. I want to send my sincere thanks and prayers and positive vibes to everyone out there continuing to work for our benefit: the doctors, nurses, first responders, aides, cleaning workers, those working at grocery stores & “essential businesses”, restaurant workers, mailmen & women, trash collectors, plumbers, electricians, government administrators, small business owners converting their business to all online, warehouse workers (especially those at Amazon whom I’m sure are working even more with a total online shopping scenario), delivery drivers, food delivery drivers and really just everyone who still needs to show up and work for us. You guys are heroes and I’m eternally grateful for you. <3


Happy Day…??? of Quarantine!

I have to be honest and say I actually do like spending so much time at home–mainly because I’m a huge introvert and enjoy my solitude. THAT being said, I’m completely missing being able to help out my community as a librarian. Most days I would helping people upload resumes, log into their emails, find books or movies & sharing stories and songs through storytimes. Having that personal connection to my community is what drives me and my soul. So not being able to reach out and help someone in some way is kind of killing my soul a bit.

So since I haven’t been able to reach out through my job, I’m trying to reach out here through my platform (albeit a small one). It helps me feel like I’m connecting to my community and helping in some way. This is why most of my posts lately have been filled with resources more so than new content (like ‘Packing for St. Augustine’ or my ‘Travel Guide to St. Augustine’ I had planned for next week which is now scratched since I am no longer traveling). I do still have plans for content that is more ‘escapism’ like fashion or food or bullet journaling, but right now my mind and soul are focused on ways I can help in some way. So here we are–a post on how you can help support local virtually during this weekend’s virtual ‘Small Business Saturday.’

Virtual Small Business Saturday
April 25th, 2020

What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday is a shopping day focused on supporting local small businesses. Traditionally this special day takes place in November the day after Black Friday. It’s a great way to show support for your local businesses during a busy shopping week where most of the focus is on chain & box stores for all their sales & deals.

Since COVID-19 has led to many local shops being closed for in-person shopping, a lot of local small businesses are losing revenue from local shoppers, but also from tourists who might be in the area. Instead, they’ve had to quickly readjust to online order and sales. So some areas are setting up a Virtual Small Business Saturday to garner that same shopping support they usually see during the original Small Business Saturday event.

I know things are tight for a lot of us right now, but if you can show any support through shopping or sharing about this event I know a lot of local businesses would really appreciate it!

Read more here about the Doylestown specific virtual SBS as well as a post by my friend Krista who highlighted local businesses in her area (VA/D.C) that are also taking part in a virtual SBS.

How Can I Participate or Support?

As I mentioned above, I know times are tough all around. Budgets might be even tighter than before. If you cannot support financially, I definitely understand. If you still want to help somehow, I’d recommend sharing your local businesses events, social media accounts and websites with others. Showing your virtual support by sharing this content and support can help small businesses!

If you do have the ability to help financially, you can show support by purchasing things online from your local shops or by purchasing giftcards that can be used later.

Check out my list below for some of my favorite local shops and restaurants!

Shopping Guide

Where Should I Shop?

Shop at any local small business that you love and want to support! They can be retail, restaurant or service based! Just spread as much love and support as you can!

Not sure where to shop? Below I’ve linked up to a few of my favorite small businesses in the Bucks/Montgomery/Philly area.

Here’s also links to some full lists of shops & restaurants

Some Favorite Local Shops

Here are some of my favorite local shops & some favorites of friends to visit and buy from:

Stores & Shops:

The Doylestown Bookshop – The bookshop is my favorite place to go since I’m an avid reader (aka Librarian). The shop also has a store in New Hope’s Peddler’s Village. They’ve been doing online orders that ship and you can also order digital audiobooks from them as well.

Allora Gifts & Home Decor – This shop has some quirky and fun gifts and home decor. I’m currently obsessed with their latest quarantine-themed candles! The shop is offering pick-up, delivery or shipping!

Uncorked Artist – Okay I might be slightly biased here because my friend’s mom owns this place, but honestly I’d love it anyway! I love being able to spread my creative wings and make things, but I’m really not as talented as I wish I was – hah! Uncorked allows you to be creative without any experience or talent! Right now they’re offering a lot of at home services with their curb-side pick up kits or private zoom classes. I already have my eye on a few paintings I want to try out!

Siren Records – One of my go-to places for vinyl records and music. They’re offering a few different ways to shop with them.

Funky Frets– an awesome music store that’s offering virtual music lessons and shipping orders! This store has you covered 🙂

Threads Boutique – This is a fun & funky boutique that I’ve only been to once before, but definitely fell in love! I ended up buying a candle, earrings and a super soft scarf! The owner is selling items via Instagram for curbside pick-up or delivery!

Serendipity Shops of Doylestown – This place has a fun assortment of gifts, clothes and home decor! I always love popping in. They also have shops in Philadelphia and Avalon, NJ. It seems they are offering online shopping through their Facebook pages and doing curbside pick-up!

Smak Parlour – a Philly clothing boutique that has a lot of trendy pieces. The shop is adorable & worth a visit, but right now they’re temporarily closed & just offering online shopping due to the #stayathome orders in PA.

Love Obsessed – a clothing boutique store that has store fronts across Bucks and Montgomery counties. They sell online via their website and their Facebook group. They offer shipping on online orders.

Restaurants, Breweries & Farms offering Take Out & Delivery:

Factory Girl Bake Shop – This place is hands down my favorite bakery. It’s basically a one-woman show right now with the quarantine in place, but the owner has been taking email orders (confirmed over the phone) for pickups on Fridays and Sundays. She posts the menu’s on her website and socials. Trust me, you need to try her baked goods!

Ultimo Coffee – This place is a favorite spot in the city for my friend & co-worker Madeline. Once this #stayathome order is lifted, you know I’m going to take the train into the city just to get my coffee fix from this place. Until then, if you’re more local then me, this coffee shop is offering pick up of their drinks & coffee to be brewed at home!

The Lucky Well – This place seriously has the best BBQ around! I absolutely love their food! Their chef/owner is super nice, too and is definitely a hard worker. This place has two locations, but they’re only offering pick-up and delivery through their Ambler location. They’re up & running Thursdays through Sundays right now.

Ten7 Brewing – My friends love this brewery! I’ve been multiple times as well and it’s a great local brewery that’s just over a year old! (I’m thinking I need to do a brewery round up for you all!) They’re offering some curbside pick up of their brews

Maxwell’s on Main (M.O.M.s) – M.O.M.s has to be hands down one of my favorite restaurants. I just have lots of fond memories of the place and they have a ton of good food! They’ve been doing take-out dinners on Thursday/Friday/Saturdays.

Lit Coffee Roastery & Bakeshop – an IG friend, Jenna, recommended this local spot as a great place to pick up some coffee & a sweet treat in the Lehigh Valley!

Market at DelVal – The Market is a favorite of my friends. I’ve been there only once, but know its a great place to find some fresh foods. You can also pick up some groceries outside of fruits & veggies and almost all of the products are local. The Market is offering curbside pick-up orders.

Altomonte’s Italian Market – one of my favorite places to pick up some Italian favorites

Fancy Fig Cafe – This is one of my favorite places for breakfast & brunch. They’ve been doing pick-up dinner menus on their Facebook that you can order by phone.

One of my BFF’s, Court, shared her favorite bakeries still taking orders & doing curbside pick-up: Tabora Farms, Warrington Pastry (this bakery is the one where I got all my birthday cakes from growing up! They’re a sweet family run bakery that I love!), Lochel’s Bakery, Rilling’s Bakery, & One Sweet Baking Co.

The Inside Scoop in Coopersburg is still offering delicious ice cream through their drive through!

Resources for Small Businesses

Resources for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner yourself here are some links to resources. These may be redundant as you’ve probably already found them, but I wanted to share just in case:

I hope that his post gave you some inspo on how you can support local businesses!

Please leave more of your favorite small businesses below! I’d love to get an even bigger list going! I’ll be sure to update this post with your response 🙂


Nicole Lynn

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