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Reaching for Healthier Foods | Fitness Friday (3)

T H I S  P A S T  Monday I went to Trader Joe’s to finally pick up some healthier options for the week. I know that I decided a few weeks ago to get healthier, but I hadn’t done too much in ways of working towards that goal. So this week I was all about making those additional steps to get onto the healthy train!

While at TJ I picked up bags of baby kale and baby spinach for salad. I also grabbed my go-to salad mix-in: a bowl of pre-chopped veggies which I just portion out into my salads. I also loaded up on veggies & some fruit for smoothies & salad mix-ins as well as sides for dinner.

Menu Briefing

Tuesday I tried a smoothie bowl, but it didn’t go well haha. I ended up needing some more frozen ingredients to make it a bit thicker. Still, it was pretty delicious!

FullSizeRender 3

I had salad for lunch a lot this week or as a side to a chicken dinner. I didn’t have great days all week, but it’s still a step in the right direction! And hey, it’s only week 1 🙂

Now I just have to start incorporating in some exercise!  I’ll probably do some yoga and basics inside & then hopefully pick up running. I’ve never been a fan of running when I was actually running, but I’ve always been a fan from afar. So this year, I’m definitely going to work hard on running more & making it a part of my routine so that I can eventually start loving it in practice as much as I do in theory 😉

Mental Health Check In

As for mental health this week, I definitely had a few bumps. Thursday I had a pretty down day. I couldn’t shake a feeling of being down with some negative thoughts. However, I did eat my best that day so… I decided to try and improve my mood by working on some house projects. I’ve been working on revamping my room and my closet (see post on finding my style). I did two loads of wash and refolded clothes and looked through some of them again. I’m hoping to weed through my clothes and really think strongly about what style I want to have and then cultivate it.

This morning, I decided to treat myself. I was in the need to cheer myself up after such a low day yesterday and after getting some stuff accomplished last night. Plus, it’s Friday! I decided to make some waffles with fresh strawberries and then follow up with salad for lunch to counterbalance the treat 🙂


Let’s talk about that cover photo for a minute, shall we?

My feature image for this post gave me such anxiety. I look so much heavier than I really am and I really didn’t want to post this photo. I literally questioned it all week since I took the photo. I remember when I first saw it that I really liked it & then after I VSCO edited it for Instagram and kept looking at it, I kept questioning how much I liked it. I know it makes me look heavier than I really am, but I shouldn’t shy away from the photo because of this. I just couldn’t help myself. Then today after writing up this post, I was like: you know what? screw it! I need to love all of myself and that includes unflattering photos! Hell what’s to say this is unflattering anyway?! So check yourself & post it girl! And so I did.

I know that my journey to self-love will include moments like this and the anxieties attached to these feelings, but I have to push through. It’s all about changing how I see myself and always choosing the positive!

Remember to love yourself always because you’re worth it!


Nicole Lynn 

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