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Living My Truth Chronicles #1: Where I’ve Been

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L  A  T  E  L  Y   I’ve been pretty MIA on Social and here on the blog.

A few months ago I wasn’t feeling my content anymore and was trying to figure out my “brand” — what images and stories and direction did I want to take with my blog and IG account? So I stopped posting and start researching.

photo of me typing on a Mac laptop on a white comforter

Then my break turned into months and my mindset really shifted. I wasn’t just me taking time to regroup & research; it was me falling down the rabbit hole of over-thinking & self-doubt. I wanted great images & content and more time to do it all. I wanted everything perfect, but I also told myself that I hated everything I was creating. I didn’t like my photos. I couldn’t find a “theme” for my Instagram & I kept making excuses for having “not time” for blogging or taking photos. I wasn’t satisfied since I was striving for a perfection I deluded myself into thinking existed. I was basically self-sabotaging like I always do.

me sitting on my patio ledge looking out with a cup of tea in my hand

But lately, I’ve just been really tired. I’m done with it all. Life is messy. Life isn’t going to be perfect–so why should my feed be? Yes, I know influencers want things perfect & good quality because that is their business & livelihood. While I don’t want to take that quality of content away from you, I also have to start asking what my personal “end goal” is for this blog and my Instagram. Right now, I don’t think it’s to turn this into a career as an influencer. Right now my goal is to make some kind of difference in this world. I want to share and connect and help inspire & serve my community. I want to make that impact whether it be small or large. So that’s what I’m going to focus on with this blog and my Instagram. I’m going to put perfect aside and focus on what I can do to make a difference.

So I’m back.

With a new attitude, a new direction, and hopefully a new motivation to continue doing what I love and connecting with you all. I’m going to focus on living a happier, healthier life and working hard to help inspire and serve all of you. So drop a line. Leave a comment. DM me. I want to connect & share & serve YOU!

Thanks for sticking with me! And if you’re new–thanks for stopping by; giving me a chance to be a part of your community. I hope you’ll all continue on with me on this crazy, messy journey of life.


With Love Always,

Nicole Lynn xx

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