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Introducing “Dad on Tap!”

Sharing a cold beer with my dad seems stereotypical and cliché. You see it across TV, ad campaigns, etc. Dad and son, Dad and son-in-law and sometimes, yes, even Dad and daughter, sitting at a table, on the couch or at a bar sharing a beer.

While these images and concepts have been spread across media for decades, I’ve actually found joy in the cliché that is “sharing a cold one” with my father.

Utilizing Untapped, a social media app for rating, tracking and reviewing beers you’ve tried, my dad and I delved deep into the world of craft beer. We’ve tried a lot of fun and interesting beers and have definitely broadened our taste buds when it comes to the iconic drink. But moving passed the sharing of a beverage, my dad and I have been able to cultivate a deeper relationship where we talk, catch up, and go on father-daughter outings that we never really used to do when I was younger. Yes it’s cliché, but I’m okay with cliché. Cliché has brought me a way to bond with my father in adulthood and expand our relationship.

So with that in mind, I want to introduce you to a new series on my blog: Dad on Tap.

Dad on Tap will include beer lists, beer talk and an insight into my relationship with my dad. I’ll be sitting down and talking with him each month about beer, but also about life and our shared time together through this common hobby. So get your glasses ready! We’re about to pour a whole lot out into this space (yes, pun intended!).

xx Nicole Lynn

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