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Five At-Home Ideas for Holiday Fun!

Nothing quite makes me happier than spending time with family. When I get to pair that with the holiday spirit my happiness soars. Last year we spent a lot of time a part and indoors and I quickly got creative on how to have fun while stuck inside for the holidays.

1. Hot Chocolate Taste Testing

My mom and I actually did this last year during the holidays. I grabbed a few different packets of hot chocolate mix from different brands and made a bunch of cups of hot chocolate. Then we taste tested them and rated them from the ickiest to our most favorite!

Another twist to this would be to make it a hot chocolate recipe challenge where you challenge each member of the family into making their own special hot chocolate recipe and then everyone tastes everyone else’s creations and votes on their favorite recipes!

2. Holiday Dance Challenge

  • Start by writing out a bunch of holiday songs on pieces of paper.
  • Next make everyone pull a piece of paper — this is their assigned song!
  • Now everyone has to choreograph a dance to that song and then perform it.

Film it for TikTok if you want and ask the internet to vote on the best dance or just have a screen-free night and vote amongst yourselves.

3. Wrapping Contest!

Grab some presents (or some leftover shipping boxes) and some wrapping paper & tape.

Set a time to 60 seconds to see who can wrap their gift in under a minute! Or just hit start on the stopwatch (on your phone of course) to keep time as you challenge each family member to the wrapping contest — who are you betting on to be the first one done wrapping their gift (or box)?

4. Baking Time!

This one you probably already know, but I can’t help but include it on my list. My favorite memories are of baking or cooking with family and it offers so many opportunities for fun and challenges and contests. You can see who can decorate a cookie the fastest or who can eat a piece of cake the quickest — just so many different options.

Really my hope is that you have some time to bake or cook with family this holiday as its one of my favorite things to do!

5. Christmas Light Hunt!

Okay so this one actually involves you leaving the house, but I think it can still be done safely (& social distanced) if that’s still on your mind.

My favorite thing about the holidays are all the lights! My mom and I try each year to drive around the different neighborhoods and communities to see all the lights.

So pile up the family into a car or bundle up for a walk and go out on a hunt for Christmas lights!

Ask the family to take photos of their favorite displays so you can all vote on them later at home or turn it into a scavenger hunt where you have to find certain types of lights or holiday light displays.

I hope you enjoyed my quick list of five ideas for family holiday fun at home! This time of year goes by so quick and I try my best to soak up as much of it as I can. I hope these ideas inspired some fun family nights during this holiday season!

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xx Nicole Lynn

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