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Favorite At-Home Workouts

#QuarantineLife means a lot of our everyday lives look different. Now we’re all working from home, educating our kids, cooking at home and trying to stay sane. I’m fortunate that my job allows me to work from home, but not everyone is as lucky. I want to send my sincere thanks and prayers and positive vibes to everyone out there continuing to work for our benefit: the doctors, nurses, first responders, aides, cleaning workers, those working at grocery stores & “essential businesses”, restaurant workers, mailmen & women, trash collectors, plumbers, electricians, government administrators, small business owners converting their business to all online, warehouse workers (especially those at Amazon whom I’m sure are working even more with a total online shopping scenario), delivery drivers, food delivery drivers and really just everyone who still needs to show up and work for us. You guys are heroes and I’m eternally grateful for you. <3


One of the things that has been helping me get through this pandemic is trying to move my body in some way each day. I’m able to disconnect from my phone, get up from my computer and feel myself moving and breathing and in a way keeping my mental health–healthy. Since I found it helping me a lot, I thought it would be fun to send along my favorite at home work outs.

[Check out my friend Quinn’s post about ‘How to Workout at Home’ for some more tips!]

[I’m not a physician or in anyway a part of the medical field. These workouts are just ones I do myself. Please consult your doctor before starting any new type of workout. Listen to and know your body and your limits.]

1. Take a Walk Outside

I’ve been trying to walk about 3 miles a day, about 3 days a week depending on the weather. This week has been pretty rainy/windy so I’ve been mostly working out inside. One of my bucket list goals in life is to run a 5K straight through with minimal stopping. So before I start running, I’m trying to build up my walking endurance first. I absolutely LOVE being outside and I cannot recommend it enough! If you can, try and get outside for your workout –whether it be walking, running or following a workout routine/video.

Obvs. I’m being a bit silly here lol

I really like using Map My Walk / Map My Run for when I’m walking. It helps me track my milage and timing and how many calories I’ve burned. It helps me stay accountable too.

2. YMCA Workouts

I did a post a while ago when I first joined the Y about how much I love working out there. It’s still true now. Unfortunately the Y is closed and I’m very much missing my group fitness classes. Luckily my local Y has put together a list of online fitness videos from their fitness instructors. They’ve also included a link to premium Les Mills content. Other things they’re doing: creating fitness challenges through their app, teaching group classes live through Zoom, creating videos about mindfulness, nutrition and family activities.

My favorite videos: Yoga with Deborah and Barre with Nicole

I’d encourage you to check-in with your local gym (if you belonged to one) and see what they might be doing online!

3. Blogilates

I discovered Cassey in college (about 8-9 years ago) and have been such an avid fan of hers! I don’t always do her work-outs as much right now because I’m very much out of shape. Still, I know when I want to challenge myself (or when I’m working out regularly) I can turn to Cassey and her workouts and the Blogilates workout calendars & community. Her energy is contagious and I just love her personality when she’s walking you through the workout. She always makes me smile and the music is up-beat and the workouts make you SWEAT. Hah, it’s really just the best combo!

4. Fitness Apps

I’ve used a few fitness apps and while they’re not always my go-to, they do have some free work out videos and challenges you can do from home.

  • Zombies, Run 5K — when I was able to actually run a bit and was originally training to run a 5K, this was my favorite app to listen to! It inserts you into an audio narrative of a “runner” who is helping a team with the zombie-infested world. You have to go on “missions” to move the narrative along and it helps you build up running stamina. You can also integrate your music for when you’re running.
  • FitOn — this app has some monthly (30 day) workout challenges with video instruction. I believe it also has the ability to have friends “join” the workout if you’re both working out at the same time.
  • Stop, Breathe & Think — While this app isn’t fitness focused, it is all about mindfulness and meditation which I think is super important to integrate into your fitness routine. I like to use this app at night before bed to help me before I fall asleep or when I’m feeling really unbalanced during the day.

5. YouTube

If you’re struggling to find something you like fitness wise, I’d recommend jumping on YouTube to search for what you’re wanting. Of course with it being YouTube, make sure you watch a few of their videos and read their bio before committing to the workout. Not everyone on YouTube has the training, experience or education behind the workout video. So please do your research before committing to the workout video!

Beside Blogilates, another YouTuber that I follow is Yoga with Adriene.

I also follow Kidding Around Yoga & Cosmic Kids Yoga for inspiration for my Yoga Storytimes. They’re fun songs and stories that integrate yoga.


I hope these at-home workout ideas helped you find some work out inspiration! Let me know below any apps, youtubers, etc that you use while working out at home!

Stay well & stay safe everyone!


Nicole Lynn

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