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Confronting Time & Pushing Forward

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T I M E  is something that I’ve really come to value over the past year. 2017 has flown by so quickly and I feel like everywhere I look something seems to be passing me by–like I can’t keep up with everything I want to do and everything happening around me.

Lately, I’ve felt stuck in a standstill. Most of this has to do with some family matters, but part of this is mental as well. I’ve let myself get caught up in the standstill. Yes, some things are unchangeable for me at the moment, but I cannot let that freeze everything in my life. I have to continue to make every moment count. I have to continue to push forward & work towards my dreams.

Life is precious. Time is precious.


A lot of us get caught up in the day-to-day of our routines. Maybe you feel as stuck in an in-

between as I do. These feelings can happen to anyone no matter how old or how successful. So it’s important  that we stop ourselves for a moment and take the time to reaffirm our confidence in ourselves and our goals for life, whether they be career, personal or family-focused.

Time is fleeting and that is something I have to constantly remind myself in order to pull myself out of the standstill I fall into sometimes.

So I urge you to do the same. To always remember that time is unpredictable. We’ll never know how much we’ll have, so we must value the time we have and continue to pursue our passions & our goals, connect with friends & family, and make every moment count. We must do our best to yank ourselves out of the standstills we fall into throughout our lives and push through.

Sending love always,

Nicole Lynn xx

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    August 29, 2017 at 10:28 AM

    Aw love this Nicole, I definitely can relate. We must catch up soon! Hope everything is going well with family.

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      August 30, 2017 at 4:48 PM

      Aw thanks girl! We definitely should!!

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