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Confronting Fear

Me holding a cup of tea

All my life I’ve felt like I’ve let fear steer the direction I’ve headed—the decisions I’ve made. It’s held me back; reinforced doubts; and left me feeling so unaccomplished at the age of 26.

Me holding a cup of tea

Fear is a powerful thing.


But I gave it that power.


Now I need to take it back.

Photo of me smiling

This blog isn’t just somewhere for me to throw out into the universe my thoughts or issues or whatever it is that people like to keep tucked away in journals or splashed across the internet.

This blog is about me. It’s about living in the present and taking the power back for myself. It’s about adding more to my life. More memories and laughs and carefree moments. It’s about celebrating who I am and the life I’m living—the bad and the good.

me standing in light snow clutching my sweater and smiling

Everyone goes through life with ebbs and flows. There are down points and high points and points so low you don’t think you’ll ever see the light again. But that’s the journey. We grow from each moment and hopefully rise up eventually.


So welcome to my little universe. Stay and join me if you want. People have a way of leading to something new.


Bye for now.


Nicole Lynn

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    March 3, 2017 at 10:59 PM

    This was such an inspirational blog. I felt the way you have for years myself in weight and dealing with myself. Im very happy you are doing this. 🙂 I will continue to follow.

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