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C O M F O R T  has been my go-to for fashion decisions as of late. Especially this past Black Friday weekend. I went crazy (no lie!) buying some good fashion deals. Most of my choices? Sweaters! I was snapping up sweaters and leggings everywhere!

Sweaters have always been one of my favorite pieces of clothing (next to my jeans ;)), but recently I’ve been lacking on some decent (and stylish!) sweaters. So I thought, “well I’m making money on a full salary now and I haven’t shopped in a reaaallly long time, so what the hell? let’s shop!” And so my lovelies, I did just that.

Me in my red bell sleeve sweater

Me holding my hair and close up of red sweater

Me sitting down on patio step in my red sweater

I ended up shopping a lot more than I normally would have during the Black Friday celebrations as well as more than I would just in general. But, I’m not regretting it one bit. Sometimes you just have to (in the famous words of Donna and Tom) “treat yo self” 🙂

Even with all the shopping and “treating my self,” I also did pause to reflect how grateful I was that I had the means and opportunity to do so this year. What led me to that reflection and pause was an awesome Instagram post from Nishat Nguyen. Her Instagram account is such a delight and seriously always has me craving yummy food after scrolling through. Definitely check out her YouTube and Insta account!

Red Sweater (size: one size) | Amazon // Mid-Rise Jeggings (size: 10R although I would have bought short) | Target (similar pair) // Booties (size: 6)| Primark (similar pair)

Sending love always,

xx Nicole Lynn

SHOP THE LOOK! I added some similar items for the ones I couldn’t find 🙂

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