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Birthday Celebrations: Painting with Wine

Me with my two friends smiling while my friend on the left holds up her finished tree of life painting

Last night I was able to finally get together with my friends to celebrate my birthday. I’m lucky enough to have a friend whose mom owns a paint with wine business that allows amateur to no-talent artists paint beautiful works of art while snacking & sipping wine.


Our painting of choice was the Tree of Life.

Picture of the tree of life painting that we will paint. A tree in a circle with flowers

The instructor was super sweet and she walked us through each step to create our masterpieces. What I love about this type of painting event is that they provide everything & have all the materials out for you when you get there.

photo of easels, plates with pain, paint brushes and a cup of water on a table

photo of sponge, paint brushes and an uncorked artist water cup


Then they take their time walking through each step so that you’re painting turns out great! I also loved that you could really make the painting your own. There were six of us painting in total and not one of our paintings looked the same which was amazing!

I really loved the opportunity to hang out with my friends. I’ve been really caught up with other life things lately that time with my friends has fallen to the wayside. I really miss being able to hang out with them all the time like we would during college breaks. But now, I appreciate each opportunity to hang out with them even more.

group of men and women (my friends) holding up their finished tree of life paintings

Great friends are so important in your life. I feel like my friends definitely have helped during some of my darker times. Without friends I’m not sure where I’d be mentally. They definitely have a way of bringing out laughter and creating positivity for me.

my guy friends acting silly while holding up their finished paintings

my girl friends and I with our finished tree of life paintings and acting silly

I’m so grateful to my friends for making my birthday celebration so fantastic! I had such fun sipping wine, eating some yummy snacks and making this beautiful work of art! I loved getting creative besides my friends and seeing them get creative as well.

We ended up ending the night with dinner at my friend’s house and then playing some board games as per usual. Overall it was a fantastic night!

Until next time,

Nicole Lynn

Me holding up my finished tree of life painting




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