From a very young age, I struggled with self-love. I grew up hating my body and myself. I experienced bullying in school and online, but more importantly I bullied myself.

As I enter the second half of my twenties, I want to take back the power from those I let wield it over me. I want to embrace myself for who I am and learn to love myself fully. Self-love is a continuous journey and one I’m hoping you’ll join me on.

On this blog, you’ll find posts about self-love, staying true to yourself, fashion, travel, fitness/health, memory-keeping (and making) and finding the time to laugh & enjoy life. Some posts might also include book-lists or current reads. I’m an avid reader and if you’d like a better idea of what I’m currently reading, feel free to visit my bookish blog: PopCrunchBoom Books.

If you’re struggling to love yourself as I am, I hope this blog helps you as it will no doubt help me. If you’re already fully in love with who you are, I hope this blog acts as a reminder of the inspiration you’re giving to the rest of us who are struggling.

Thank you for spending time with me here. Feel free to reach out to me in the comments, on twitter @MissNicoleLynn, Instagram @justaddmore or at JustAddMore@gmail.com.


Nicole Lynn