Welcome to Just Nicole Lynn.

For me, writing has always been a passion. Back when Xenga was a thing, I’d journal and write and posted frequently. It was cathartic–a way for me to explore my world and engage from the safety of my home as a middle schooler.

Writing and blogging is still a way I like to engage and connect with others while also continuing to explore myself and my environment. My vision for Just Nicole Lynn is to inspire others to continue adding their passions into their lives–travel, memory making, supporting local, creating art, leaning into the quiet…whatever it is that you want more of in your life! I want this place to not only be a home for inspiration, but also a place to come and find resources and tools you can use to up-level your life to the one that you’ve always envisioned.

Throughout my teens and twenties, I’ve struggled with this immensely as I have always been a “giver” and a “yes” person with workaholic tendencies and the natural reflex to put others’ needs before my own. I’ve forgotten to pause and to do more of what I truly enjoy in life–even if it’s just a few minutes of something that brings a smile to my face. I’ve forgotten to be confident in myself and my skill set. So now I’m growing into the person I want to be and working towards the life I want to live.

On this site you’ll find a mix of things I’m passionate about along with posts on tools, resources, & how-to’s to help you grow towards the life you want. And I’ll be right there growing with you!

You may also see some snapshots of my fur babies as well 😉

Thank you for spending time with me here. Feel free to reach out to me in the comments, on socials at @JustNicoleLynn or at JustAddMore [at] gmail.com.


Nicole Lynn