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5 Reasons to Take Time for Yourself

L A T E L Y  I’ve been pretty stressed with life happenings. I’ve been juggling work, holiday prep, assisting my mother with family things and yes keeping up with the blog & Instagram. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been struggling a bit with finding my voice here. I want so much to share useful content for you guys and not just spewing random life things. I want this space to be as much mine as yours.

With all the stress & doubts building up, I decided it was time to take some “me” time and take a step back. If you’re anything like me, taking time for you is so important to not only stay sane, but for continuing on strong! But sometimes we don’t always know when to hit the pause button and take a step away from it all. So I thought I’d share some reasons for when you really should take some time for yourself.

1. When You’ve Stopped Giving 100%

A great time to take a step back and dedicate some time to yourself is when you begin to realize you’re not giving your all or a full 100% to your passions or work. Sometimes we get so bogged down with life’s responsibilities that our time management begins to slip and then so does our focus and our work ethic. Sometimes we’re just too tired and we slip in our motivations. This is a great time to find something away from your stresses and recharge. Maybe squeeze in a lunch break away from the desk or turn off the lights for a quick 30 minute nap during the day.

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2. When You’ve Started to Compare Yourself

We all have those moments when we’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and wondering why our lives aren’t matching someone else’s. Maybe they seem to have the house completely clean and decorated for the holidays already (and it’s only the weekend after Thanksgiving!) or maybe they’re just killing it in their business or as being a mom. It’s totally natural to have spots of jealous or envy here and there. We’re humans, it happens. But when you start noticing that your envy turns into self doubt or self criticism, maybe it’s time to take a step away from Social and refocus on how much you’ve accomplished in your life. Maybe you’re not where others are in life and THAT’S OKAY! That’s why it’s important to take a step back from Social and reflect on what you’ve slayed so far and recharge for what you want to slay in the future! It’s also important to remember that not everything on Social is true of that person’s life. You just keep doing you, make a plan, rest, reflect and soon you’ll be back on track!

a photo of me and my mom

3. When You’ve Stopped Interacting With Loved Ones.

This can be so true of me sometimes. When I’m focused on trying “to do it all” and be amazing to boot, I tend to let my personal relationships end up on the back burner. I absolutely love my friends and family and yes, sometimes I do need a break from them being an Introvert. However, when I start noticing that I’ve stopped texting my mom a lot or not responding “yes” to hang out with friends or not saying more than a few words to my dad, I know that my priorities have begun to shift away from what’s important to me. Family and friends are always number one for me, so when I know I’m lacking in spending time with those I love; I need to take a step back from whatever I’m focusing on and refocus that attention on my loved ones. Not only does it relieve some stress for me, but it reminds me of what’s really important in life. Plus, friends and family are sometimes a great way to get some inspiration for life or work!


Photo of me clutching a pillow

4. When You’ve Stopped Caring What Your Appearance Is.

Now hear me out on this one. I know it’s always super important not to care what other people think of you. Your approval and confidence should come from within. I 100% agree with that statement! However, when I start not caring about what I look like (“Is my hair brushed? I don’t really care.” / “Does my top match my bottoms?” / “When did I shower last?”) I know that it’s time for a mental health check. Usually I start feeling this way when I’m starting to slip into a depression. Usually it’s a combination of stress, lack of confidence and anxiety mixed together. I’ve read a lot about my personality type, INFJ, and apparently we have a constant fear of failing or feel like we’ve failed at life even though we’ve accomplished things. When I start getting those feelings and start acting like my appearance doesn’t matter because “I don’t matter.” I know I need to take a “me day” or even a “me weekend” and reconnect with myself, my confidence and my strength. I have to remind myself that I’ve already accomplished so much and I have the capacity to accomplish so much more. It’s never a bad thing when you need to take a mental health day or a “me day.” Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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5. When You Just Feel Like It.

Sometimes there are no signals to look out for when you need to take time for yourself. Sometimes you just know. So whenever you feel like taking time for yourself, just do it! Life is way too short to not indulge in yourself, your family & friends, and the world around you. Your mind and body (or your “gut instinct”) are usually pretty good about telling you what you need. So if you know you want to take time for yourself, than do it! Afterwards, get back to whatever you were doing with more energy and focus 🙂




I hope these tips help you to reflect on when you need to schedule in some “me time.” Taking time for yourself is SO IMPORTANT! It can really help relieve stress and allow you to recharge and refocus on what you want to get out of life.

Have a wonderful day loves!

Sending love always,

xx Nicole Lynn 

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