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2021 Gift Guide for the Foodie

F O O D C A N B R I N G S O M U C H J O Y. When I think of food, I think of adventures, new places, family and community. I think of trying new things in Europe, sitting on the streets of Rome eating pizza, blowing out the candles on a birthday cake and cooking in the kitchen with my mom and dad.

Not every moment or memory surrounding food is positive for me. I’ve struggled and continue to struggle with my relationship with food and society’s imposed emotions around food. But that’s a much longer blog post.

Today’s post is all about some fun gifts for that foodie in your life! Like my previous guides, I’ll be giving you some ideas for gifts to give with a local twist! I’ll be featuring products from local businesses and artisans. Remember, most of these businesses have an online shop and ship throughout the U.S. So if you’re not local, still check out these products and shops!

2021 Gift Guides (will be linked up as I post them):

Alright, here we go! Gifts for the Foodie!

1.Silicone baking mat @ Kitchen Kapers (locations in Paoli, Ardmore, Center City & Chestnut Hill, PA) | (website) (Instagram)

2. Knead to Bake Spice Set @ Savory Spice Shop (Peddler’s Village, Lahaska, PA) | (Website) (Instagram)

  • *Shop in-person to support local!*

3. Raw Wildflower Honey Pack @ Backyard Buzz (Jamison, PA) | (Website) (Instagram)

  • Shop in-person at The Mercantile (Doylestown, PA), The Craft Hive & Honey House (Point Pleasant) & Makers Off Main (Doylestown, PA)

4. Baking Kit in a Jar @ Pineapple on Main (The Square, Dublin, PA) | (Website) (Instagram)

  • Shop in-person for this item as it isn’t listed on the website just yet.

5. For the Baker Gift Basket @ Kitchen Garden Textiles (handmade in PA) |
(Website) (Instagram)

6. Bread Mix @ The Copper Partridge (Skippack, PA) | (Website) (Instagram)

  • Shop these bread mixes in-person!

1. Baked Goods from your favorite bakery! (photo from Factory Girl Bakes) Here’s a list of some local bakeries:

2. Teriyaki Turkey Jerky from Bucks County House of Jerky (New Hope, PA) | (Website) (Instagram)

3. 16oz Sugar Free Regular Assortment from Stutz Candy (Warrington, PA) | (Website) (Instagram)

4. Gourmet Popcorn from Nutz About Popcorn (Hatboro, PA) | (Website) (Instagram)

5. Candy of the Month Club from Evolution Candy (Doylestown, PA) | (Website) (Instagram)

6. Emma’ Chocolate Carmel Pretzels from Wheat and Vine Provisions (Dublin, PA) | (Website) (Instagram)

1. Mezzelune Pot Grips from Fante’s Kitchen Shop (Philadelphia, PA) | (Website) (Instagram)

2. Cuisinart Electric Fondue Pot from Kitchen Kapers (locations in Paoli, Ardmore, Center City & Chestnut Hill, PA) | (website) (Instagram)

3. Olive Oil & Vinegar 3-Pack Sampler Set from Olive Oil Etcetera (Doylestown, PA) | (Website) (Instagram)

4. Bee’s Wraps from Le Butler’s Pantry (Skippack, PA) | (Website) (Facebook)

  • *Shop in person for these products*

5. Kitchen Accessories from Cookery Ware Shop (Peddler’s Village, Lahaska, PA) | (website)

  • *Shop in person for these products*

6. Cookbook from a local bookstore! See below for a quick list:

One of my favorite things to do is to make up gift baskets to give to people. What a better way to satisfy the foodie in your life then to fill a basket of local food! There are a few ways you can try this.

The first way would be to make a “meal in a basket” where you gather a basket, fill it with a recipe of a meal and all the ingredients to make that meal. Above I made an example of a simple pasta meal paired with some bread as an app and some wine to drink!

The second way, which I’ve shown above, is to make a theme basket. This basket was for the “perfect morning” where you can fill it with local coffee, tea, mugs for drinking out of and some simple foods that go great with both-aka biscotti (or maybe even cookies or bread).

The last way would be to just fill a basket with a bunch of local foods that they person would love – cookies, pasta, wing sauce, bbq sauce, pickles, coffee, pretzels, — basically anything you know they love, but with a local twist!

Below are some great locations that carry local wares:

Lastly, another idea for the foodie in your life would be to purchase or give money towards purchasing a CSA membership. CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) memberships allow you to have a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly share in a local farm’s harvest among other possible benefits. Each farm operates their CSAs different, so be sure to check with the farm you chose for all the specific details.

These memberships aren’t necessarily cheap as a one-time-purchase, but they are definitely worth it in the long run! You get fresh produce and support local agriculture in your area – a definite, win-win in my book!

You can check out www.localharvest.org/csa to find a farm near you or the person you’re gifting this to that offers CSAs.

I hope you enjoyed my gift guide for the foodie in your life! Feel free to leave other ideas or small & local businesses in the comments below! I’ll update this post with any additional businesses mentioned.

Happy Shopping!

xx Nicole Lynn

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