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2019 Intentions

Wow guys, 2019 is here!

I cannot believe the new year has arrived. 2018 was definitely a blur for me. So many things happened to reflect on and after a few weeks of taking in the change of year, I’ve finally found what I want to really focus on in this new year.

On my Instagram for the New Year, I know I mentioned focusing on the phrase “Yes to Me” which I still really love. However, after reflecting more during these past two weeks, I’ve decided that my phrase this year is going to be “Be Bold”.

Be Bold

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While in the past I’ve tried to focus on finding myself or being fearless, I really love how the phrase “Be Bold” can apply more closely to my life & career goals.

I’ve always been an introvert. So putting myself out there and reaching for my dreams has always been a struggle for me. This year I want to boldly grasp my dreams, my ambitions, and push myself past my comfort zone. I want to stop playing it safe and I want to connect more with life, with my community, & with myself. So 2019 will be all about living and being more bold.

Now here are a few more intentions that have this year:

Say Yes to Myself

Like I mentioned on my IG page (@justaddmore if you aren’t already following me ;)), I want to starting saying yes to myself more. Usually, I tend to put everyone ahead of myself in terms of my attention, time, wants, etc. So this year I want to make sure that I’m saying “yes” to myself as much as I’m saying “yes” to other people. I don’t want my goals, dreams or ambitions to be the last on the list any more.

Put In the Work

Having big dreams means big work! This year, on top of saying “yes” to myself and “being bold,” I need to buckle down and work, work, work! That means when I decide to put my dreams first, I can’t just journal about it or make a to-do list–I need to turn thoughts & tasks into action. So basically I need to cut down on Netflix and amp up my work-ethic on my side projects and even a bit more in my career life as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Embrace the Small Moments

It’s been hitting me rather hard over the past year how quickly time actually is passing by. I’ve always been aware of time passing as I’ve gotten older, but for some reason this past year it just hit me. I’m going to be turing 28 in about a month and that has me reflecting on the past, but also realizing that my time with loved ones is getting shorter. So while I’m going to be busy working hard, being bold and slaying 2019, I’m also going to be taking time to slow down and enjoy time spent with friends and family. I’ll be enjoying the quite times I get to myself with a hot tea or coffee. I’ll be soaking up the hour I might squeeze in reading a novel under copious amount of blankets. Sometimes the small moments in life are the most important ones.

Put on the Blinders

This one is important for any year. Last year (and in previous years), I’ve found myself getting caught up in the comparison game. Not just on IG, but also with real life friends on Facebook. At 27, I’ve looked at other people and felt completely inadequate. I’ve felt like I’ve needed to have done more or that I should be doing more. It’s why I’m very rarely on Facebook. This year, I want to put my blinders on and stay in my lane. I want to ignore the voice in my head saying that I’ve missed my opportunity to do great things or the voice that says I’m behind in life because I’m still single, still living with my parents and aren’t traveling the world or curing cancer by now. Enough is enough. Yes I’m not exactly where I saw myself being at the age of 27, but I’ve accomplished so much in my life that others will never be able to say that they’ve done. AND I’ve got so much time left to do even more. So I hope you join me in this intention for 2019 as well and know that I’m right here supporting you on this also! <3

Live With More Intention

I decided to write this post as my New Year Intentions list instead of Resolutions/Goals for a reason. I think a lot of us get caught up in that win/loss mindset of goals and resolutions. If we mess up, we stop trying. If we fail, we stop trying. If we “meet our goal,” we stop trying to go beyond our goal. That’s why I decided to focus on living intentionally. I want to keep these intentions in the back of my mind as I live day to day. I want to have them there to help influence not only my everyday decisions, but the overall outcome of my year. I want to make sure that each decision I make has a purpose with it. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about giving up spontaneity, but more like understanding my decisions, choices and thoughts all have impacts. I’m hoping that by living more intentionally, I can live more positively–that my mind, body & spirit will increase in health & happiness.

Some More Tactile Intentions

  • Drink more water.
  • Continue to be kind to myself.
  • Spread support.
  • Spread smiles.

What are your 2019 intentions? Let me know below!

Sending love always,
xx Nicole Lynn

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